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Main Parts: The feeder, steel body, hammer group, gear, screen, discharge hole, pulley, triangular belt, shield of belt, angle iron base support, electric motor etc.

Working Principle: Start the motor, it drives the hammer group turning at high speed inside the iron body. The corn, wheat and other get through the feeder, into the box inside, under the breaking action of hammer group, the flour and small granule of corn, wheat and other get through screen, reach the outlet, come to the bag that we provide.

Application: The corn, soya bean, lima bean, wheat, broad bean, pea, hyacinth bean and so on.

Target Customers: Farmer, ranchero, agricultural machinery’s dealer, retailer and so on.

Characters and Advantages: The machine is easy to operate and runs well after simple adjustment. So it is suitable for user without experience of using it. The structure is simple and users can replace spare parts easily, majority of customers like it very much. We independently produce and supply all spare parts, distributors can trust us and build a long-term cooperation with us. The box is made of steel plate welded, not rust, more durable. The productivity is higher than 9FQ20-20 hammer grain grinder. According to different use, the screen can be customized by customers.

Main parameters:

Model No




Rated power




Spindle speed


Net weight

60kg (without motor)



Structure style of rice mill


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