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Main Parts:Frame,Feed Hopper,Roller,Discharge Hole,etc.

Working Principles:When corn sheller machine works,corns go into the machine through feed hopper.Corns will be hit by high-speed revolving rotors and rollers.The corn cobs is discharged from the tail of the machine,and corn silk and husk is discharged from the tuyere.The feed hopper is located on the top of the machine cover. The corn rod enters the threshing chamber through the feed hopper. In the threshing chamber,corn rod is hit by the high-speed revolving rotor,and the corn grain is off and discharged from the grain sieve. There is a baffle in the lower part of the feed hopper,which is to prevent people off the corn grain splash wounding.

Features And Advantages:This machine can shell and thesh corn either at the same time or separately.When it shells and theshes corn at the same time,there is no need to change the axis or motor.This machine saves effort and labor.This machine is the ideal labor tool which liberates farmers from heavy manual work and the good helper which brings economic income to farmers.

Range of application:Corn

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100kg(without electric motor)

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