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Main Parts:Feed hopper, Corrugated bar cylinder, Raspbar drum with grate concave, Screen, etc.

Working Principle: When crop goes into the machine, being friction, squeezed, crashed, joggled, grains are separated from stalk and discharged through screen. The stalk is thrown out because of centrifugation of raspbar drum.

Application: Wheat, Paddy, Barley, Sorghum, Millet, Soybeans, Beans, etc.

Target customers: Farmer, Grain supply centre, Ranchero, Agricultural machinery’s dealer, Rice processing factory, Retailers, Wholesalers, etc.

Characters and advantages: This machine is suitable for threshing paddy, wheat, beans and other grains. The cover could be easily opened, so you can check the machine conveniently and clean the residua. This machine is convenient to be operated and maintained. The surface of the machine is sprayed plastic coating, so the machine has strong corrosion resistance. This machine is a good assistant for farmers to thresh rice, wheat and so on.

Main parameters:

Model No:


Packing size(L*W*H)mm:


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Diameter of roller:


Length of roller:


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80kg (without electric motor)



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