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1. Main Parts:

Rack, Threshing Roll, Threshing Hood, Threshing Ribs, etc.

2. Working Principle:

The threshing roller runs by the power with a belt. When corns go into the machine, they will be completely rolled with the threshing roller. Under the friction with the grilled cylinder, corns are threshed.

3. Application:


4. Characters and advantages:

5TY-26 is our single corn thresher, whose capacity is about 1000 kilograms per hour. We use 2.2kW, 220v and single phase electric motor for it. It's very small and easy to be operated. Its net weight is only about 19 kilograms. we install four wheels at the bottom, so you can move it easily. It has one feeder and a discharge for corn kernels.

Threshing and auxiliary discharge integration device is conducive to the fiber material and grain materials to the export side of the nesting campaign, with the nesting and air-dried double effect, small size, high efficiency, reasonable structure, clever, low production costs.

Main parameters:

Model No:


Packing size (L*W*H) mm:


Rated power:


Rated voltage:


Gross weight:

18kg (without electric motor)



Breaking Rate:


Transmission wheel diameter:


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