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Chopping Machines for Vegetable and Mulberry Leaf

 Main Parts: The feeder, iron box, cutting blades, pulley, gear, triangular belt, discharge hole, electric motor etc.

Working Principle: Start the motor, it drives the cutting blades turning at high speed inside the iron box. The mulberry leaves get through the feeder, into the box inside, under the cutting of blades, the mulberry leaves are chopped and the chopped mulberry leaves are discharged from the outlet.

Application: The main use of this machine is to chop variety of vegetables and mulberry leaf. You can use it to cut the tea-leaves, or other leaves and plants that the stem is small and weak.  

Target Customers: Sericulture, tea maker, and farmer who keep animals, such as chicken, duck, fish, rabbit, pig and so on.

Characters and Advantages: The electric motor is inside the iron box, it is good for protecting the user and the motor, the safety performance is higher than other machines which is outside. The machine is compact and good looking. The iron box can open on the upside; it is easy for user to check the machine’s inside. At the bottom, there are four universal wheels, users can move it easily. According to users’ requirement, the space between cutting blades can be customized; it can be 5mm, 9mm, 18mm and 27mm. but users can not adjust it by themselves.

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Mulberry Leaf Cutter



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Structure style of rice mill


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