Wanma Exhibition Plan of 2017

After 17 years’ development, Sichuan Wanma Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd has successfully established strong foreign trade business relationships all over the world. Wanma has sold our agricultural machinery products to a number of countries, and is widely praised for quality of our products as well as our professional service. During year 2017, in order to offer better service to our various customers and expand wider international market, Wanma has planned to take part in following domestic and oversea exhibitions to have more chances to achieve better communications with relative person on this industry. We will publish notifications before each exhibition for detailed booth and location information. No. Name of Exhibition Date City 1 6th Nepal International Trade Fair 2017 2017.3 Kathmandu, Nepal 2 China (Sichuan)-Sri Lanka Business matching Session 2017 2017.3 Colombo, Sri Lanka 3 121st Spring Canton Fair 2017.4 Guangzhou, China 4 34th Machine Tools Thailand 2017 2017.5 Bangkok, Thailand 5 China Machinery & Electronic Brand Show (Chile) 2017 2017.7 Santiago, Chile 6 Kwazulu-Natal Industrial Technology Exhibition 2017 2017.7 Durban, South Africa 7 The Southeast Asian Agri-Business Show 2017 2017.9 Bangkok, Thailand 8 Germany Essen Welding & Cutting 2017 2017.9 Dusseldorf, Germany 9 EMO Hanover 2017 2017.9 Hanover, Germany 10 Agritechnica 2017 2017.11 Hanover, Germany Warmly welcome all friends and new/old clients come and visit our booth on the occasion. We are looking forward to meeting you there!


Home use agricultural machinery industry keep a high growth rate in China

As we all known, the more developed areas of agriculture, the higher mechanization penetration. Look at the world from developing countries, especially in China, the world\'s top five machinery companies have came onto Chinese market, small-size agricultural machinery has become an important tool to develop rural food processing industry, it is suitable for Chinese national conditions and welcomed by a lot of farmers in developing countries. With improvement of farmers\' purchasing power, rural labor force reduction and concept of family farms development , small agricultural machinery such as rice milling machine, grain grinder machine etc turn to be more and more popular. They can improve farmers\' income, develop rural economy, liberate the workforce in countryside etc. Agricultural machinery industry will continue to keep a high growth rate; the industry average annual growth rate will be keep on 10-20% in next five to ten years. Today small agricultural machinery has characteristics of low emissions, low noise, low vibration. In various related research and use of agricultural circular economy, it is beneficial to environmental protection. For example, straw crushing, it can be livestock food or used as fertilizer. It is effective to avoid the pollution caused by burning, it also can increase organic matter content of the environment. China is a vast country, the terrain is complex and various. The agricultural machinery that can adapt to the domestic operation conditions and most of the terrain abroad. It creates good realistic foundation for our country agricultural machinery products to participate competitions in the global market, and has good prospect for export markets.


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