Get a corn machine, become a rich man

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One client of mine is from South Africa. He wants to do some business of corn. But he only has a small field. And he doesn’t have so many corn to sale. He bought a machine from China, which was a corn mill. At first, he just wanted to buy the machine to sale. He only bought one set to test. He thought the shipping fee was so high. But he still bought our machine. He got his machine and operated this machine around his relatives and friends. He got an idea. He rented his machine to his relatives and friends. Now he becomes a small gristmill owner. He uses his corn starting a small business of corn flour. Now he wants more corn mills for sale. So, if you buy Wanma 9FC21 corn milling machine, you can rent for your relatives and friends, and then you can start a small business. You can become a gristmill owner and finally you will become a rich man.

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