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rice polisher
2017-09-30 04:51    hits:304

Today our client asks us whether we have new product to make him have more advantages in market. Now there are mainly two rice polisher machine models in India, 6N40X and 6N80A-9FC21, so We recommend 6N40X-9FC21 replace 6N80A-9FC21. 6N40X uses bearing to pealing the paddy, and 6N80A use rice blades. 6N40X has higher milled rice rate and lower rice breaking rate. It adopts suction structure which make the rice cleaner. And 6N40X has three bearings, which make the work more stable and lengthen the working lifetime. And one special advantage is this machine can process millet after installing our customized rice screen. 6N40X-9FC21 is a more good choice.

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