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6N40-9FC21 is consist of 6N40 rice mill and 9FC21 grain grinding machine .Main parts including feeder, milling barrel, triangle belt, steel roller etc. This combine machine is a very useful equipment for family and farm . It can process grain for human while make feed for livestock.  Many family in China keep one set of this machine  so they won’t need deal with rice factory and feed supplier for rice and feed.

6N40 can be used to husk rice, millet, corn, wheat etc. Grain husk will be crushed by this machine and it can be used as livestock feed.

9FC21 grain grinding machine can grind corn ,bean, chili, wheat, cassava, black pepper, sorghum, turmeric, spice etc. We use different size mesh to control the size of the powder. Usually we provide 1.2mm and 2mm mesh.

Power: Both of them use the same motor. Usually we will provide 2.2 kw(220v, 10A) electric motor with machine, buyer can choose whether purchase it with motor or not. We also provide diesel and gasoline engine to customer in rural village with electricity problem.

 Main parameters:

Model No




Rated power




Spindle speed

Rice Mill:1400-1800r/min


Net weight

60kg (without motor)


Rice Mill: 100-160 kg/h


Structure style of rice mill


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