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6N40 rice milling machine is consists of feeder, milling box, fan, frame , Triangle belt , belt pulley, bearing, regulator, screen etc.

It can husk rice , milling millet etc. (Only our model can husking millet)

6N40 rice mill is very easy to operate, rice mill can works well after a little adjustment of the regulator.

Inner structure is simple ,user can change wearing parts, clean and maintain it easily.

Shelling rate is over 95% ,broken rate is lower than 15%. No blade type rice mill is very suitable for long grain rice like rice in Thailand , Sri Lanka ,India etc. 

Wanma’s unique patent of the steel roller and bearing make our milling machine more stable than others. Our roller can work well in 5-10 year, user don’t need change it. 

The main wearing parts is screen , one screen lifespan is about half a year. We are reliable supplier of our machine and accessories, hope we can build a long cooperation relationship!

Electricity:  Our machine use 220V ,50Hz national standard electricity. Machine starting current is 25A ,working current is 10A. We also provide 110v motor for America customers. 

Motor speed :2800r/min

And we can provide diesel engine and gasoline engine machine for customer in rural area. Now our engineer are struggle to make solar energy type home use rice mill, welcome to consult us !

Video address: Rice milling        Millet milling

Main parameters:

Model No




Rated power


Roller Diameter




Spindle speed


Net weight

36kg (without motor)



Structure style of rice mill


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