Product Categories:

Main parameters:

Model No.



15 KW


900~1500 kg/h


1140*450*740 mm

Gross Weight

215 kg

Net Weight

205 kg

Product Description:

Main Parts:

Feed Hopper, Discharge Port, Frame, Fan, Bearing, Roller, Screen, etc.

About N110

First, pour the rice into the feed hopper. After the machine idling 5 minutes, pull the baffle to adjust the rice flow. When the flow is appropriate, fix the baffle. With the help of screw propeller, the rice moves along the axis of the machine. Under the effect of the roller, the rice grains chafe each other. At the same time, the high-pressure wind generated by the fan is sprayed into the milling chamber. The wind helps the rice bran be carried to the husk bag when the rice is milling. Some heat generated in the process of milling will be losing with the help of the wind to make the rice polish better than other types of rice milling machines.


All kinds of indica rice and japonica rice.

Target customers:

Farmers, Grain supply center, Rice processing factory, Retailers, Wholesalers, etc.


1. N110 rice milling machine for all kinds of rice milling;

2. Higher work efficiency. This is upgraded rice milling machine, whose structure and properties are better than other types of rice milling machines, and the rice will be directly processed once.

3. Light machine, nice design, automatic working system, accurate adjustment, easy-to-maintain, less noise;

4. Higher production, energy-saving, excellent polish effect;

5. Must-have rice milling machines for Famers, food centers, food processing factories, retailers, and wholesalers.

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