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Major components:stainless steel saw blades, stainless steel fruit clamp, extendable rods, extendable switch, skid-proof handle pad, arbor, shaft.

Features and advantages:Pole shears adopt the lever principle to it's operation,so that it can clip as well as saw things.Hardened blades are incisive and durable, fruit clamps are designed with sawtooth to avoid fruit falling.The inner hyper-sharp scissors can clip the carpopodium easily as well as some tender branches, the outside fruit clamps are able to fetch fruits when the fruit stems' been cut off, so that it can protect fruits from falling down.The arbor is made of aluminium alloy so that it is sturdy and durable.And,the arbor is designed with extendable fastener,the length of it is adjustable between 180mm-300mm.The knob is designed with skid-proof rubber,it can be rotated to 360 degree.Its a ergonomic design so that it perfectly fits with human hands,its more comfortable for holding.The shaft is designed with safe lock to protect users from cutting by it.

Range of application:plucking fruit,gathering flowers and plants,trimming dead branches,trimming brushwood an so on.

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Length of pruner


Length of saw


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